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Why Hire a Local Photographer for Model Headshots

Are you starting your journey towards a modeling career? Perhaps, you are more interested in acting? Whatever the case, whether you plan on modeling or acting, having high-quality model headshots are essential. When trying out for a gig, your model headshots are usually the first thing a casting director is going to see. Your model headshots are usually the key to help you get your foot into the door. Social media photos just won’t cut it. First of all, using a photo that you used on your social media account or having a friend take a photo of you with their phone leaves a bad first impression. And in show business, or in the modeling industry, it is all about first impressions because you might not get the chance to make a second one. Using social media photos or photos taken by your friend’s camera phone shows that you are not serious about the job. Having a local photographer take model headshots shows that you are taking initiative to do what it takes to set yourself up for success. Plus, working with a local photographer who specializes in model headshots ensures that your best features are highlighted. They can put you in poses and use their editing skills to accentuate those features so that they stand out. 

People who are working on a modeling or acting career can definitely benefit from professional model headshots. If you are in need of a local photographer who can take model headshots, contact McCullough Expressions. I have years of experience helping people unlock amazing headshots and can help create amazing photos that can give you a competitive edge. Even if you don’t plan on embarking on a modeling or acting career, but would love to take a model headshots for fun, I would also love to do that for you.   

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