Before the Launch

Today's a big day. A really big day in my little world of my new business. Articles of Organization are filed with the Secretary of State and I am the incorporator/organizer/manager BOSS of McCullough Expressions LLC. Here we (finally!) GO!

Back to photography blogging:  I've messaged two mommies that have just had precious little ones to offer my services. One had already chosen a photographer for when she is ready (mommy, not baby) to be in front of camera. So that's a "no" but that's fine. Now I've another new mommy who's talking with her hubby about my offer. Whatever she chooses will be...whatever she chooses. I obviously would love to shoot them but if they don't go with me there will be another job soon. But it was the first time I sent someone (who was not my hubby or family or close friend) to my NEW website! So...yay!  Since last post: I shot 2 weddings with Tony. Learning so much from this guy and am thankful for his mentorship, patience, knowledge, humor, talent and coaching!  Next toy to get: new wide angle.