Fun When Mom Comes to Town

When Mom came to Little Rock August 27 to support me at Lip Sync Battle, we packed in as much as we could during her short visit. After the show, Warren chose to head home since he was feeling sickly. Us ladies were West Little Rock...after 10:00...on a Saturday night. Enter Genghis Grill for the win. She had lettuce wraps and I had fun creating my bowl. *The nice guy at the counter gave me a secret helpful tip: if you put your veggies/light things in first then put the meat on top, it weighs it down and you get more bang for your buck. Score.

So my bowl consisted of shrimp, calamari, green pepper, carrots, cabbage, sprouts, purple onion and brown rice. It's fun to play with those combinations. I would choose a different seasoning. I can't remember what I got. And probably by now in this long post you (my lovely reader) don't CARE which seasoning I chose! But here's the bowl. And I ate it all.  

Sunday after church, we went to La Madeleine's. Mama had this quiche, salad and soup. (Look at her little hands folded waiting for me to take a pic. She's so sweet) And Warren had a monte cristo type sandwich thing with potato soup. I had delish coffee. Two cups. 

 THEN...after that...Mama and I HAD to go see "Annabelle: Creation" WE LOVE SCARY MOVIES! 

 Of course the movie was so scary that she couldn't possibly drive home and be by herself so ...she stayed another night :) Yay for Mama coming to stay and being able to stay til Monday because she's retired and she can do whatever she feels like doing. May we all.