Hunting and Hardwood

This weekend was an action-loving photographer's dream. Friday night I went to Lewisville to meet my brother, hop in a boat and go HUNT ALLIGATORS with him and a friend of his. I was all about getting amazing video footage of him killing a big monster. But as you can was dark. I had never been alligator hunting. I had never been out on a boat in the middle of the night trying to video someone doing anything. My brother had never been alligator hunting either. Needless to say---we both learned a lot about technique in our craft and will hopefully have another chance to capture something award winning. In the was a fun challenge and I have some video to share if for nothing other than posterity to prove we went :)

I took few still shots but here's one to show I was there! 

When Trey called it a night on our hunting...I drove 30 minutes to Texarkana to stay with Leah (this was 3:30 in the morning and that was the closest person to call on. I was not driving 2 hours back to Little Rock.) Saturday I took advantage of Bubba working in his shop and got some pictures & video footage of Colley Cottage Woodworks in action. Check them out! 


This is Ace. He bit me one time and I've never forgotten it. He and his sister Annie live inside with the humans. They are pretty cute and he thinks he's the boss of the farm.


Bubba was working on a table today while I was in his shop.