I'm For Sale, too...good read, great timing

I'm one of those people who likes to save magazines until I've gone all the way through them. Notice I said "gone through" not read the entire mag...because I never read each page.

But, today, on my nightstand I found a ripped out article from an Elle magazine I had saved. For a long time. So long that a few hours ago I was in a mild cleaning mode, picked it up to read (half motivation was to be able to throw it away, other half was 'I've been meaning to read this!') So I sat down, read through and got to the end where it says continued on page 371

"Crap! I have already thrown the rest of the magazine away! Wait a minute...aha! Everything's online these days; surely I can just type in key words of the article and find it on their website. Sure enough I did...after scrolling through numerous's from an issue from 2013! But none-the-less I found it and was able to finish it...and now I want to share it here:

"I'm For Sale" Elle Magazine, April 2013 

Today, a lovely new month in all its sparkly September glory, brought with it some reflection,  self examination, new energy and focus. I'm talking "sit-on-the-couch-with-the-husband-and-TALK-then-go-for-a-WALK" type thing. What perfect timing to pick up this article and read it...on this day I found myself having some of the same feelings and thoughts as the author. Here's to a new month.

Goals this month: 1) Focus 2) Do not be afraid to know my worth (professionally) and demanding it full force.