I Have Commitment Issues...To Bloggin

New energy, new opportunities...

New look with a new website...

You guys hold me accountable and write this down: I promise I will blog. In all my adult years I think I've started 3 blogs. But I'm starting this one with a new approach: it won't be so much of a "diary" type blog but more of a way to connect all my happenings in one place that may or may not fit on social media or on its own page on my site. Make sense?

Glad to be more present with what I'm doing and have done.

Glad to have what truly feels like the right place to show off my fabulous clients, customers, colleagues and connections.

One promise (unless I get all up in my feels one day) is that these entries will be super short. Because that's my style. I can't write for too long...I've got more things to get back to!