Snapping the Summer

As I'm waiting on the my website technical support to write back with a troubleshooting answer, I think it's a good time to start my blog on my new site. Yes, new site, new look, new biz. I've been working on perfecting my little place on the world wide web so that my customers, models and potential clients will truly have a clear picture of what they get when they get me and my camera.

Speaking of my camera..."What do you shoot with?" people often ask. My new Canon 5D Mark IV is INCREDIBLE. So glad I made this investment for my business in January. It's the cream of the crop and I often find hubby wanting to use it over his own (that's alright, we're learning to share :) )

This summer I've been taking advantage of a great opportunity to shoot weddings with Tony Baker Photography as a second shooter. Tony and Johnny have been extremely encouraging, witty and bring amazing photography knowledge to their art. If they taught a class, I'd encourage anyone who wants to learn the science of what makes a good picture to sign up.  I'm also working on a project I came up with called the Hydrangea Project. I've had one model so far and plan to work on this for the next several weeks. Stay tuned. 

Oh...and welcome to Lauren McCullough Photo!