"The Camera Will Not Take Your Soul" or in other words: Corporate Headshots

Yesterday was a corporate headshot day in NLR. Shout out to my friend Jamie for heading that up (see what I did there?) It was the typical mixed bag of coworkers: some didn't mind their pic being taken, some a nervous wreck, some fine with taking several pics to get the right one (that's my style!) and some missing in action on picture day. :) Yes, the "camera taking someone's soul" story was brought up and I learned it originated (so he said) from the Native Americans. *Not researched--don't know--don't blame me if it's not true. Per customer's request: we'll go black and white with these, minor touch ups, go back in a few weeks to shoot a few more who were out of office and be good to go. Thanks also to my trusty sidekick who didn't feel good but helped me load, unload and set up. It's cool...he's getting paid

Also--hooray for fellow photogs who come to the rescue on a new backdrop that doesn't take up an entire wall and weigh 5 tons. Yeah, lookin at you Tony Baker.