Third time's a charm! Sheesh we've got to love some technology when you're just trying to post a blog entry. Anywhoooo, my current quandry is how to share/post my latest works. Many wedding photogs add their latest event or subject directly on their blog. But I feel my blog is a platform I'd like to use for feelings, creative writings, news in my life. I'm leaning towards uploading latest to Flickr and posting a call to action via my blog. I just don't want them to sit in a holding place (whether it be Flickr or my blog) and not get to the next step i.e. my website until 2 years down the road. It's up to me to keep up on that I am fully aware of that responsibility. 

In other news: my latest investment is my Tamron 24-70mm! Got it at Bedfords and my use for it was the Arkansas Heart Association's Festival of Wines. Cheers to shooting 2 of my favorite things to break it in: special event and wine! You can see more pics from that event here. Shoutout to Matthew Dyson at Bedfords for helping me find what I needed and wanted all the while being helpful, patient and honest. I feel this lense will be my go-to I should have had in my arsenal a long time ago. 

This weekend I went home to Nashville for the first of two auctions of Daddy's stuff. I can't believe it but I did not take my camera! I left it in Little Rock and I survived without. (Though I fully plan to take it with me in two weeks when I go back for the second weekend of auctions. Warren stayed in town and shot the Warrior Dash in Cabot. So I felt justified leaving it behind. 

Last week I was hired to shoot some pics of a group of therapists for their Christmas cards. Pretty short and simple assignment. And the positive customer feedback was a bonus!

Up next is a wedding Friday, a wedding Saturday and a family session Sunday afternoon!